Last Friday my driver side window regulator decided it was going to give out and break. Oh No! Mad that I had to drive home in the rain (well it was sprinkling) with my window completely rolled down. After getting the replacement part, I was stuck at where to go. I really did not want some grease monkey mechanic to touch my door and get it all icky. Therefore, I did some research and found out that it is better to have an auto glass repair shop install it for you. I have to admit I went to some horrible places before coming to Good Auto Glass. The “other” places were trying to rip me off saying it would be $80.00-$100.00 just for the labor, geez! Bummed out, I started to research yet again. I finally found this place and decided to give them a ring.

A very nice gentleman answered the phone; I told him what my situation was and asked if I could come in before Monday. He said that they were busy on the day I called (Saturday) but I could come in the next day (Sunday) which they are open by appointment only. I said that the next day would work for me. Now the big question was how much were they going to charge me. The gentleman who I was talking to said it would be $60.00 flat. I was shocked and happy that someone was not trying to take advantage of me. I confirmed my appointment time for the next day and asked what his name was. He introduced himself as Sam.

Good Auto Glass is easy to find, it is next door to Calico Cake Shop. Sam was very sweet and friendly. He took my keys and my window regulator and said I could have a seat inside. Their office was very clean and they had some magazines to look at. What I really wanted to do was watch them install this part, which to me looks super interesting!

Sam came back into the office and we chatted until my car was ready which was about 25 minutes later.

I would totally recommend this place to anyone; they are professional, clean, and honest with their prices! I like a business owner who looks me in the eye and shakes my hand before I leave.

Thank you Sam and Good Auto Glass for fixing my window!

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