Affordable, fast and friendly service!

Some lowlife scumbag broken my window to steal a $35 dollar GPS so I had to get it fixed asap before my long drive up to the bay area.

This little Korean-family owned shop is located inside a plaza so I was confused when I was looking for a body shop. Sam quoted me over the phone to fix my Honda Accord 07 passenger front automatic window for only a hundred bucks but bring cash or you’ll have to pay a couple bucks for tax. But what a steal! Other places quoted me much higher.

The whole process took only about an hour. There’s nice little waiting area with wi-fi but there’s no real shopping areas around except for this coffee shop a plaza down.

They vacuumed my car and tried to get as much of the scrapped glass out as possible; the window itself is good quality and shiny new. I tested it several times rolling it up and down expecting some alignment issues or crunching but NOPE :) Also comes with a warranty if there’s any issues so you can go back and have them fix it up again!

Thanks Sam and Good Auto Glass Team!

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